Community Health Protection Program

2012 and on going

Project aimed at providing cheap, easily accessible and good quality health services to the poor tribal communities. There were many instances of deaths due to non – availability of proper health services in the remote rural areas. Besides that, there have been many instance where the illiterate and ill-informed community is over charged for the health services or provided wrong treatment.

A customized Health insurance program, regular health camps and a network of hospitals was the three aspects on which PEDO decided to work. Micro-health insurance program was launched in 2012 with a vision to provide cheap and quality health program to the remotely located tribal communities. Currently the program covers around 25,000 individuals in Dungarpur and is envisaged to cover the families of every SHG member. The program is presently community managed and financed, and therefore self sustainable. A cover of Rs. 12,000 is provided to the insured person after paying a premium of Rs. 120 per year.

The patients can approach the network of hospitals as well as any private hospitals. The charges of services, at the network hospitals are fixed and are lower than the market prices. There is also a 24 by 7 health- helpline cum guidance center for the members of insurance program. This center receives 200 to 250 calls every month, Till now around 200 claim settlement cases has been dealt by the claim committees, which are formed by the community.

General and Special health camps are also organized regularly in rural areas, where consultation is provided at a very nominal cost and cheap (and some times free) medicines are provided to eyes, gynecology dental problems, orthopedics. etc. These camps benefit deals with around 2,500 patients per year.