Agriculture for food and livelihood security

1987 & on going

Agriculture has been the major source of livelihood and also secures the food for the tribal communities of the region. The major issues with the agriculture have been dependency on rain for irrigation, traditional sowing methods, low yield seeds, poor knowledge base in agriculture, poor market linkage. All these issues have led to seasonal unemployment and migration of men folk to the neighboring industrial towns to work as daily wage laborers. Major interventions carried out by PEDO to counter these issues were Seed replacement for the existing crops, diversification of Crops and introduction to new crops, Horticulture based agriculture like vegetable and Spice Cultivation. Besides this PEDO also introduced wormy composting, for organic farming. PEDO also emphasized on better processing methods & marketing support to the farmers to get the best possible livelihood. PEDO is currently working about 20,000 farmers in the district under various programs. PEDO has also established a Rural Technology Centre for Agriculture, Which specializes in providing training in improved agriculture practices. The centre also provides various tools and equipments needed by the farmers to practice improved and drudgery- less agriculture. Various government initiatives are also routed through this centre