Turmeric Cultivation Program

2011 & on going

Around 2200 farmers in the district have opted for turmeric cultivation in Dungarpur considering the cash crop cultivation as a livelihood option. Turmeric was cultivated traditionally, but only for household consumption. Turmeric was considered for promulgation as each crop, instead of other crops and specially BT cotton as it was a low risk crop, and did not employ young children. Turmeric processing and marketing unit was established at PEDO campus in Mada, which offered the market link to the farmers. The raw turmeric was purchased at the best rates from the farmers and afterwards the processed turmeric was sold by the 5000 retail shops owned by the SHG members. The farmers were also trained in processing turmeric at their own homes and sell it in the markets available. Turmeric production has reached to 300 tons, in March 2015 after making an initial investment of 8 tons of good quality seeds in 2001.