Child Sensitive Social protection program

2012 & on going

The project is aimed to reduce deprivation and vulnerability of children through Child Sensitive Social Protection approach. The project is implemented in 37 revenue villages of 9 Panchayats of Bicchiwara and Dungarpur Block. The children and their caregivers are linked to the social protection schemes, to benefits orphans, physically challenged, female students, children living without their fathers, mothers or parents etc, for obtaining maximum benefits of the provisions of these schemes. Assessment of vulnerable children was carried out through mapping methods and it was ensured that the benefits of the schemes are reaching the child. Various communication tools were explored for reaching out to the children and their parents. About 2500 children obtained benefits due this measure.

Proper parenting tips were shared during the Self-help Group meetings along with ensuring the enrollment and regularity of young children in schools. All the SHG members have pledged to make sure that the children get proper education and health care. The Schools were also brought under the purview of the program. Special camps to encourage the children to attend school, were organized. 426 children were enrolled in the schools. Who had never been to the schools.